FRIENDS WITH BANG-IFITS is free in ebook! 

The swoony, laugh-out-loud prequel to THE BANGOVER is now free everywhere! Grab your copy wherever you like to get books and fall for Kirby and Colin all over again.
Something is rotten in the state of Denmark… Or in the state of Kirby Lawrence, a woman who is NOT attracted to her best friend, bad boy rock star, Colin Donovan. Not even a little bit!

No matter how good his butt looks in those jeans… Crap, I’m looking at his butt. Colin’s butt!

And the butterflies in my stomach are discoing now. Discoing!

I avert my eyes, but it’s too late. I have already had thoughts I shouldn’t have had, and flutters that shouldn’t have fluttered.

And I have a horrible feeling there’s no coming back from this.

No going back to the way things were before I realized that a part of me wants to climb my best buddy like a tree and make out with his sexy face…

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