Royal Package

The Playboy Prince
Rugged and Royal Series | Book 1

As a rule, I stay away from good girls. To be fair, the nice ones usually steer clear of me, too.

But that's exactly the type of woman my grandfather picks as my future wife. Sweet. Polished. Distractingly cute.

No clue why I'm so intrigued by her.

Yes, her intelligence is a turn-on. And sure, her secret feisty side is fun to rile up. But it's more than that.

If I didn't know better, I'd say I'm falling for the one woman everyone thinks I'm all wrong for.

And as it turns out, there's a freaking hilarious twist even I didn't see coming. When I figure out what my bride-to-be has been hiding, hell, I know I've finally met my match.

I know the world thinks I'll never be more than the playboy prince--I don't give a damn. There's only one person I have anything to prove to now.


The Grumpy Prince
Rugged and Royal Series | Book 2

Of my brothers, I’m the royal no one messes with. More intense than princely. The gruffest grouch in all the land.

But not with her.

Lizzy…gets to me. Always has, probably always will.

Too adorably different for her own good, she brings out a protective side of me I can’t seem to temper. Especially when she puts everyone else’s dreams before her own.

Now I hear she’s risking her health for her twin, with the reasoning that some family curse is going to cut her life short anyway.

Hell, not on my watch.

She’s the only one who makes me crack a smile, makes me believe love isn’t only for less hardened men like my brothers.

And I’ll be damned if I’m going to lose her.

The Bossy Prince
Rugged and Royal Series | Book 3

She claims to hate me more than karaoke and liverwurst combined, and that's before she finds out I'm her new boss...
Yes, Princess Alexandra and I have both been keeping big secrets.

The spoiled royal bit is just our cover, a smokescreen we hide behind to keep our counterintelligence work from the people we love.Being spies, we can't let anyone too close.

But close is exactly what we'll be pretending to be on our first mission posing as lovers. I honestly can't decide which will be harder--taking down a notorious drug lord or keeping my growing attraction to Alexandra under wraps.

And I'm growing on her, too. She keeps kissing me when no one is looking and I find myself increasingly addicted to her lips, her humor, and the sweet side she does her best to hide beneath her tough girl exterior. 

Soon, I'm determined to make this fake relationship the real thing. I don't just want her for the length of this mission--I want her forever, and I'll do whatever it takes.