Royal Package

Royal Package

The Royal Package is a legend in its own time, a pleasure-giving national treasure I’m far too generous to keep to myself.

But I have one rule: No good girls.
And they don’t get much nicer than sugar-and-spice Princess Emily.

You’d think a woman who designs lingerie would be sexy and fun.
You would be wrong. My fiancée is a meek-and-dreary little mouse, and I have no doubt we’ll make each other miserable if we go through with our arranged marriage.

But I can’t dishonor my grandfather’s dying wish to go through with the betrothal.
Which leaves me one choice—make my sweet fiancé so miserable during our engagement festivities that she calls it quits herself.

Operation Prince Charmless will get her out of my hair. And then I'm back to Sexy Single Prince business as usual. Or so I think…

But it turns out my fiancée is feistier than I remembered. Sexier, too. And she loves spur-of-the-moment adventure as much as I do. But did I mention that she hates my guts?

Looks like the Royal Package and I are in for more than we bargained for…

Prince of My Paties

Lizzy and Jeffrey's story is coming in early 2021