Big O Dating Specialists

Hot Revenge For Hire: A Fake Dating-The-Boss RomCom
Big O Dating Specialists | Book 1

Bad breakup? That's our specialty. Trust us, post-breakup dating requires the Big O—a strong offense—usually of the extra dirty variety. Best handled by an expert.

Name's Sebastian. And I make good business out of bad exes, specializing in giving broken-hearted women the sweet, hot revenge they deserve. Those whispered rumors about me and my methods? All true. I'm the chief executive mastermind of the only consulting firm that can guarantee your ex will beg you for another chance.

Now, whether you end up taking the douchebag back is up to you. Frankly, I think you ladies can do better, deserve more. But either way, I aim to please.

That is...until my latest client ends up being my sweet, smart, painfully-unaware-of-her-appeal assistant.

Am I going to help her? Of course. Am I going to be able to let her go when the time comes?

Hell no.

 Note: Hot Revenge For Hire is a super sexy romantic comedy entirely from the hero’s point of view. Lots of dirty talk. Ridiculously fun chemistry. Banter that really qualifies as foreplay. And a swoon-worthy HEA. Enjoy!

*Previously titled Magnificent D. Same hot, hilarious story, just with a fresh title and cover makeover.

Hot Knight For Hire: A Protective-Friend-To-Lover Romantic Comedy
Big O Dating Specialists | Book 2

Even in dating, the best defense is a killer offense. And with exes that are flat-out bad dudes, you can’t go wrong with the biggest, baddest Big O consultant at your side.

Name’s Aidan Knight. I’m the guy you don’t bring home to mama—the rough, gruff, tatted-up bruiser our clients hire to scare off dangerous or stalker exes. Though I’m always intense, when the terrorized client is a great girl I never should’ve let become the one that got away, my new default cranks up to savagely protective.

Letting her out of my sight is just not happening. And soon, all the time we end up spending together starts including some really big, epic O’s. The kind that require cardio workouts and protein bars for stamina. Now As if I need more reasons to fall harder for this woman.

For the record, back in college, I thought I was doing the noble thing by leaving her untouched. Now, I see things a little differently. Will I be saving her from her psycho mob boss ex? Of course. Will I be the gentlemanly knight who sets her free and leaves the rest to fate again?

 Hell no.

Note: Hot Knight For Hire is a super sexy romantic comedy entirely from the hero’s point of view. Lots of filthy sweet talking. Insanely acrobatic smexy times. Two wild and crazy characters. And a romping fun HEA. Enjoy!

*Previously titled Spectacular Rascal. Same hot, hilarious story, just with a fresh title and cover makeover.

Hot Mess For Hire: An Off-Limits-Opposites-Attract Romantic Comedy
Big O Dating Specialists | Book 3

Who hires a woman known as “Miraculous Mess” to run damage control on his jacked-up love life? Apparently, me. The guy from the wrong side of the tracks turned hockey star now in need of drastic relationship help (insert dramatic background music).

Name’s Jake Falcone, aka “The Dragon” when I’m out on the ice. Off the ice, they call me that as well...for a different reason. Not saying I’m not flattered, but hell, what a thing for women to go around talking about.

Guess when your “dragon” has a big reputation, I was bound to end up with dating troubles. But my ex? She gives crazy a whole new meaning.

Enter Shane “Miraculous Mess” Willoughby, hired to play the role of my fake girlfriend and run professional intervention. Apparently, this sort of expertly strategic post-breakup dating arrangement gets results.

That said, the woman is not what I was expecting. Deserving of her moniker? Absolutely. She's a feisty, sexy, smart mouth dragon-whisperer beyond my wildest fantasies, for sure. But she’s also sweet and funny, with a wounded heart I’m determined to heal. If she’ll let me.

Sure, this started out as pretend, to solve a problem that’s still going on I might add. Is a guy like me right for a classy Madison Avenue woman like her? Probably not. Am I going to let that stop me from getting the girl?

Hell no.

Note: Hot Mess For Hire is a super sexy romcom with sizzling sparks from the start, leading to LOTS of wild, steamy fun. Laugh out loud textual healing. And a smile-worthy HEA with all the feels, and all the swoon. Enjoy!

*Previously titled Incredible You. Same hot, hilarious story, just with a fresh title and cover makeover.

Hot Ghost Hunter For Hire: A Spinoff Standalone Second Chance Romance
Big O Dating Specialists | Book 4

What's a girl supposed to do when she's out of a job and needing to rethink her life as a whole? Go on a ghost hunt, of course.

Don't worry, I already scratched that career possibility off my list. I'd be terrible at it, for sure—the world's shyest ghost hunter.

Nate, on the other hand? He'd definitely be the hottest.

Not that I'm noticing anymore. Nope. That ship has sailed. I'm not a teenager in love for the first time anymore. No, I'm the woman who won't let anyone get close to her now. Which is probably why it took a possible haunted cabin seven long years later to reunite the two of us.

Is it fate? Maybe. Is it weird for our romantic reunion to have evidence of ghostly activity instead of roses? Absolutely.

But that's what makes me think this is all just different enough from your everyday love story to be interesting. And thus worth the risk of seeing it through to the end...

Note: Hot Ghost Hunter For Hire is a fun & feel-good spinoff novel with characters you'll recognize from the series. Turns out, these two have a past, and thus a fabulous second chance romance that just begged to be written. It's an emotional, heartwarming standalone with some spooky twists and steamy turns. Enjoy!

*Previously titled Meant For You. Same fun, feel-good story, just with a fresh title and cover makeover.

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