Boss Without Benefits
The McGuire Brothers | Book 1

Last night, I met the funniest, sexiest single dad on the planet.

I also managed to get into the kind of co-ed naked trouble with him that involved a nurse, a shotgun, a feral turkey, and a pair of pliers. But all's well that ends well, and we already have plans to meet up again.

It's early days, but I'm already thinking Drew might be The One.

Then I show up to my new nanny gig and who steps out on the front porch, holding the cutest little redhead in the world? 

Yep, that's right. Drew is Andrew McGuire, my new boss, and he's not about to date the nanny. His daughter's happiness and stability are his top priority.

Considering I just fell in love with this precious, motherless girl at first sight, I would be inclined to agree with him. If it weren't for one thing—my heart already has a Drew-shaped hole in it.

I'm pretty sure I would miss him, even if we'd never met.

But how to convince this amazing man that his heart—and his family—are safe with me? And that he should be my boss with benefits? Forever.

Welcome to Bad Dog where the men are incredible, the animals are ridiculous, and the happy ever afters are super emotional and steamy! Boss Without Benefits is a Standalone Romance with Spice!

Not Today Bossman
The McGuire Brothers | Book 2

Barrett McGuire is the grumpiest, growliest, most frustrating man on the planet.
He’s also my boss, my first crush, and—three months ago—my one and only one-night-stand.

I’m pretty sure I’m already addicted to his body, but that doesn’t matter. After an empowering solo trip to the other side of the world—during which Barrett made no attempt to contact me or discuss said one night stand—I’ve realized I have to let go of this crush and move on. I’ve wasted enough time pining for a man who doesn’t feel the way I do.

Now that I'm home, I’m determined to keep the walls around my heart high and impenetrable.

Then Barrett adopts the world’s ugliest dog because he knows how much I love animals. He also texts to say how much he missed me, then shows up at my house simply to devour my lady parts (while saying naughty things that give me a new appreciation for his bossy side).

He tells me he wants to change, to be what I need, then proves it with the most romantic “just one bed” weekend ever.

But can Barrett and I make it work in the real world?
Or will the scars on his heart ruin our second chance the way it did our first?

Boss Me Around
The McGuire Brothers | Book 3

Christian McGuire is the last person I should be asking to boss me around in bed. Sure, he's a bonafide Sex God, but he's also my co-worker AND my shiny new brother-in-law.

But after a few too many tequila shots one night, I shoot him a text, asking him to be my smut mentor.

As soon as I sober up, I'm MORTIFIED, of course. I try to steal his cell phone and destroy the evidence, only to find I'm too late. Christian has already read my message.

Even worse? He wants no part in helping me ditch my ancient virginity.

That is, unless I agree to a few rules...

1. We never talk about Sex Club.

2. We never get caught by our friends or family.

3. We commit to fulfilling each other's wildest fantasies for one steamy month until he leaves town. No holds barred, no shame, no limits.

I agree without hesitation, confident that I can have a month of earth-shattering nookie and walk away without a broken heart.

But the more time I spend in the sack with this wild, funny, secretly tender man, the more I fear I'll break the biggest rule of all--Never Fall for Mr. Off Limits.

When it Pours
The McGuire Brothers | Book 3.5
A Flood Relief Novella

Truth or Dare: Tell the One-Who-Got-Away that you're still madly in love with him OR spend the night trapped with him in a hunting lodge that's about to be swept downstream?

Ha! Trick Question. I get to do BOTH! Because when it rains, it pours.

First, I call Theo McGuire to tell him that I've always loved him and I always will--at least for the next few hours until Pippa Jane the Pig and I are swallowed by the floodwaters. Then, I open the second story window when Theo comes knocking in his kayak, in a likely doomed attempt to save us.

Soon, we're trapped in the cabin where we had our first time fifteen years ago and all I can think about is how much I wish I could turn back the clock. If I could, I'd never let this fiercely kind and sexy-as-hell man go.

Since this could be The End, we agree to make our last night a night to remember.

But what happens when morning dawns, we're both still breathing, and I can't bear to think of a life without my favorite McGuire?

Kind of a Sexy Jerk
The McGuire Brothers | Book 4


So let me get this straight... For the next few days I’ve got myself a grumpy fake husband who’s also kind of my...bodyguard?

I guess that’s a better way to spend the weekend than binge-watching reality television, especially since it’s kind of my fault we’re on the run from the mob and I need a protector.


But why does the man watching my back have to be my lifelong crush? I've known Matty McGuire since we were kids and crushed on this stubborn, bossy, secretive, but loyal and heroic man nearly as long.

I'm determined to keep that part to myself, of course. But once we're fake Mr. and Mrs., soon we're not only sharing a hotel room but a hot kiss and an even hotter night between the sheets.

I'm over the moon, but when Matty's secrets turn out to be the kind that could get a girl tossed into the Witness Protection Program, I realize I'm also in over my head.

Can we find a way to make love work in the real world? Or will this one, red-hot weekend on the run from the mob be our first...and our last?

Welcome to Bad Dog where the men are incredible, the animals are ridiculous, and the happy ever afters are super emotional and steamy! Kind of a Sexy Jerk is a Standalone Romance with Spice!

When it Shines
The McGuire Brothers | Book 4.5


The only thing worse than being snowed in at the airport on Christmas Eve far from home?

Being snowed in with the one man you’ve been trying your best to avoid.

Bear Hansen is a burly sweetheart with loads of sexy tattoos and big hands that did wickedly wonderful things to me the last time we met.

Things that made me want way more than a one-night stand…

Which is why I ran, blocked his calls, and stopped commenting on his cat videos. I only have a few years to launch my career. I'm determined not to end up filled with regret like my mother, so I have to focus on making my professional dreams come true.

But when Bear and I are thrown together by fate on the most magical night of the year, I find myself questioning everything.

What if I have this all wrong? What if what I want most in life is standing right in front of me, offering to love me no matter what?

Bear and I have one night to find out…

When it Shines is a steamy, feel good, snowed-in romance featuring a tattooed cinnamon roll hero and all the usual Bad Dog hijinx. It is part of The McGuire Brothers series, but can stand alone.

Kind of a Hot Mess
The McGuire Brothers | Book 5


I'm a hot mess single mom with no time for players…or anything else.

He's a wounded NHL star stuck in the small town he's fought to escape.

So we strike a deal to become roomies--Aaron will babysit my little boy to help me through the busiest catering season of the year. In exchange, I'll give him a place to heal away from his overbearing family.

The problem? We hate each other (and lust after each other) in equal measure.

I expect living with my nemesis will be annoying at best, excruciating at worst.

Until the night I come home emotionally broken from a fight with my ex and Aaron holds me while I cry. He just...holds me.

And then I drag him upstairs to my bedroom.

Soon, this man is turning my world upside down in the best way. Aaron makes me feel beautiful, special, maybe even...lovable?

But can my tender heart survive falling for a man who's determined to put my beloved hometown in his rear view mirror?

Kind of a Dirty Talker
The McGuire Brothers | Book 6


Seven nights, one bed, and the last dirty talker I should want to share it with…

Wesley McGuire is a gentleman in the streets and a filthy beast in the sheets. 

He’s also my best friend’s brother, which means he’s part of the found family that’s come to mean so much to me. I refuse to put that at risk, especially when I know from experience that dirty talking men always let you down. 

That night with Wes was a mistake, one I’m determined not to make again.

I hold strong until one cursed night, when I accidentally ignite a feud with the biggest troublemaker in Bad Dog and wind up on Wes’s doorstep in a tattered bridesmaid’s dress, needing to get out of town…fast.

Soon, Wes and I are on the run in a borrowed camper van, accompanied by my pet ferret and enough sexual tension to launch us all into outer space. 

Even worse? 

With every passing mile, he’s proving he might be my dream guy.

But will he still want me when he realizes he’s not the only one with secrets?

Kind of a Bad Idea
The McGuire Brothers | Book 7


Binx's story.