Take Me I'm Yours

Take Me I'm Yours

I'm not supposed to want my ex-boyfriend's dad.

But after one scorching night last summer with a sexy, older man who instinctively knew how much I wanted to be called his “good girl," I can't stop thinking about him.

Of course, back then, I had no idea who Gideon was. Still, we both agreed that one night was our only night. Our lives were too complicated for anything more, no matter how much I craved it.

Then our paths collide again at my ex’s fundraiser. That’s where I learn the truth about who Gideon really is.

I also learn that he’s forbidden with a capital F.

I know I should stay away from him, but this “good girl” is suddenly ready to go bad. Very, very bad.

We can’t have a future, so we agree to take it one wild night at a time.

Until an unexpected betrayal threatens to bring all our dark secrets into the light…

Make Me Yours

Make Me Yours

Rule Number One: Never lose your virginity to the man who ruined your family.

It’s a rule I never meant to break, but the night our paths collide, I have no idea who Weaver is.

He’s just a drop-dead gorgeous man with no qualms about sleeping with a virgin. By the time I realize he’s also the man who destroyed my father, I’ve spent the hottest night of my life on his yacht.

I’m ashamed of what I’ve done.
I’m even more ashamed that I want to do it again…

I don’t care about our age gap or that he’ll be leaving town in a few weeks. This war between our families isn’t mine to fight, and my father hasn’t been there for me in a long time.

But Weaver is. He’s there for me when I need him most, proving he doesn’t have ice water flowing through his veins.

I’m falling for this forbidden man hard and fast…and then he gives me proof that my father was right all along.

Can our love survive Weaver’s dark side?
Or will he ruin me the way he ruined the people I once loved?